Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

We begin by evaluating each individual tree. Some will need thinning, pruning, crown reduction, removal of dying, diseased and damaged branches. Then additional trimming is done for aesthetics. We also will elevate a tree by removing low and loping limbs. This allows for walkways, driveways, fences to be cleared. Especially with children playing on their swing sets and in the yard its extremely important to maintain your healthy trees for the safety factor.

Why is it Necessary to Prune and Trim your tree?

Tree Trimming is imperative to the health and appearance of a tree throughout its life cycle. Our highly trained and skilled professionals know exactly how to improve the appearance and health of your trees. Healthy trees can add up to 20% to your property value.

Crown Reduction

Reduces the size of tree minimizing the risk of being top heavy and the risk of the kite effect in windstorms. Reduction compared to topping – it helps maintain the form and structural integrity of the tree.

Crown Thinning

Selective removal of branches in an effort to achieve additional air flow, increase light penetrations allowing grass to grow, and also helps in retaining natural shape of tree and reduces heavy weight on limbs.


Removal of undesirable lower branches to increase air movement and maintain safety conditions. Example: limbs overhanging sidewalks, driveways and allowing lights to penetrate where intended.

Crown Cleaning

Removal of any crisscrossing, dead, diseased, crowded limbs that need to be taken out to promote proper growth and making it aesthetically pleasing.


Removal of dead, broken or dying branches in the effort to promote proper compartmentalization or “healing”. This will assist in minimizing possible safety hazards from falling limbs.
Preventative Maintenance Trimming: All homeowners need to be proactive in creating an environment that is conducive to proper tree growth. Obviously the attention and care that you the homeowner provides makes each tree a valuable commodity to your property.

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